The PhD Planner

The PhD Planner is a planner tailored for PhD candidates and early career researchers. It combines a calendar for an academic year with a unique productivity system for Academia. 

Do you want to work more efficiently than ever before? 

Plan your papers, attendance on conferences, track your deep work and reflect on the progress you make with the PhD Planner! 

Are you ready for getting better results without losing so much time day by day? 

What do I find in the PhD Planner?

Academic Calendar

half-yearly overviews from
October 2018 to September 2019

Weekly Spreads

week plan and dotted space for your notes, todos and more

Plan Your Paper

plan of each of your papers to accelerate writing process

Conference Sheet

make the most of each conference you attend this year

Deep Work Tracker

keep track on what is really important in the academic world

Quarterly Progress

plan your goals and aims for each quarter and find time for reflection

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How to make the most of the PhD Planner?

The story behind...

Each year I choose one word for the year. One of the recent was: PLAN. I added a quote of Benjamin Franklin: If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

And I really, really planned everything what should happen and when. And do you know what? It actually happened!

Not only those things which I planned, but even more. With more and more experience in planning, I got more time. More time for me, for my family, and also for work.

And at the end I decided to share this planning system with you. I am happy to show you the PhD Planner which helped me so much!

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