I'm Kasia Zdanowicz, author of the PhD Planner.

I work as a research assistant at Leibniz University in Hannover. I was born in Poland, studied civil engineering in Cracow and moved to pursue my PhD in Germany.

I am interested in productivity, time management and GTD methodology. I am also a huge fan of a "Deep Work" book by Cal Newport and I incorporated some space for his techniques in the PhD Planner. Although I am also kind of a geek and have my favourite computer tools used daily, I always need to have an analog planner to help me see the bigger perspective.

For the last two years I have written a blog Become a PhD (www.ZostanPhD.pl, in Polish) and I enjoy it as a side-project so much! I share my workflow and insights there and get a chance to exchange with others. That is why this year I wanted to finally share my planning tools set with you. And so the PhD Planner was created.

Since 2017 I am also a mum and good planning became even more essential since then 🙂 What's more about me? I love mountains, hiking and ski-touring, and swimming. I enjoy coffee in the morning and usually can't resist caramel sweets.

Do you have a question or want to share something with me?