Calendar in the PhD Planner

Hello! This is the first article about how to make the most of the PhD Planner and use it efficiently. I will show you my tricks and how I usually use each of the pages in the calendar-part. OK, let’s start straight away!

Half-yearly overview

phd planner half-year

To keep all the most important dates and events in sight, the PhD Planner gives you half-yearly overviews. It means that on two A5-size pages you will find enough space to schedule events for each half of the year (October – March and April – September). Weeks are separated with light dotted lines and in the right top corner, there is a week number.

This is where I put all longer events – conferences, travels, holidays or weekends off. I might jot down also important birthdays or anniversaries not to forget about them, as well as deadlines which are really important this year. It is important to put here only the things which really matter, take care because it can become a mess if every dentist appointment or lunch meeting lands here 😉

Weekly spreads

phd planner week

The main part of the calendar in PhD Planner are weekly spreads. They are designed carefully to give you the flexibility you really need in the academic world.

On the left side, you find space for each day and a month view with the current week highlighted. There is enough space to note down appointments, the most important tasks for each day or whatever you usually note. However, if there is a week when you need more space, simply prolong the lines to the right side and enlarge these daily areas – this is what I sometimes do in the busiest weeks.

The right side is a dotted space: for important notes, insights you don’t want to forget or todo lists for the week. I use it also sometimes as lab diary when I do more experimental research or for short meeting minutes. Needless to say, sometimes what I have here is only doodling during phone calls or some sketching. I suppose all bullet journal fans will appreciate it, too…

And a bonus for all engineers and geeks: distance between dots is exactly 5 mm 😉 For me, it’s a must if I do some quick technical drawing here.

Week Schedule

phd planner weekly schedule

In the PhD Planner you will find Week Schedule pages. There are four of them so that you can put in schedules for each semester or trimester separately or to divide odd and even weeks if you have events which happen fortnightly. These pages are to help you keep an overview of everything that happens regularly during your week, to plan your weeks and structure your work. We added morning and evening sections for events which have no exact hour or which happen outside the common 7-19 hours.

Your ideas?

If you have something, what works miracles for you, let me know 🙂 Doesn’t matter if it’s just a short tip or you just found out a perfect use for the right dotted page in the weekly spreads – just write to me. I will be grateful if you want to share your ideas with others and will be happy to add more examples to this post.